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Organising a Blood Drive

Thank you for your interest in planning a blood clinic at your organization. There is no substitute for human blood. People who may have suffered an accident, are undergoing surgery, cancer treatment may need blood transfusion to live. Having blood available for those in need at the time it is needed is critical to sustaining life.

Organizing a blood drive demands a good planning. To help you organize a successful blood drive, we are presenting you below Five Simple Steps to a Successful Blood Drive and the necessary required information which you need to communicate to the Blood Transfusion Service (Blood Bank), Candos.

STEP ONE: Set a Date, Time and Place

Plan ahead - schedule your blood drive as far in advance as possible. When scheduling a date, please consider the following:-

• Check first with the National Blood Transfusion Service, Candos for the availability of dates. Tel: 230 4270711 Fax: 230 4270711
• Business or Organization's Hours
• Other activities that might take place the same day
• Holidays
• Availability of space or area where blood drive/clinic will take place.

STEP TWO: Form a Committee

Regardless of the size of your organization, a committee can play a vital role in the blood drive and help spread the work around. Gather a group and fill the following positions with people who would best suit these roles.

Campaign Coordinator
We suggest that two people fill the role if possible (if one is not available, the other one could do the follow-up. The responsibilities include:

• Coordinate all campaign details with the Blood Donor Organizer, BTS, Candos.
• If you are from a college, keep organization administrators or supervisors informed.
• Direct the other coordinators and monitor all aspects of the campaign
• Afterwards, evaluate the success of the campaign and schedule the next one
• Promote the campaign among different groups and departments starting 4 weeks in advance of the drive. *** A Promotion Coordinator could also be designated to do the job.
• Recruitment/Scheduling appointments/sign commitments to give blood (A Recruitment/ Scheduling Coordinator could also be appointed for the following job)
• Persuade organization's members, staff, or employees to give blood
• Scheduling appointment time for people to donate. This is important and remember, the Coach or Caravan can bleed only 4 donors at a time and to avoid wasting of time or long queues, this may be taken into consideration like textiles factories or any organization. Colleges : distribute at least one week in advance Parental Consent Forms to students age 17 years. (Please note that student donors without this form on the day of blood clinic will not be authorised to give blood.)
• Do PA announcements reminding students (for colleges) to bring Parent Consent Form and for students above their ID card.

STEP THREE: Get the word out

Unless there is a Promotion Coordinator, the Campaign Coordinator would be recommended for this step.
• What to say:
• When, where, who, what, why, how: Let people know when and where the clinic or drive will
take place, who can donate, why they should participate and how they can help.
• Emphasize the "why".
• Blood Donors help save lives
• Each blood donation can help three or more patients in Mauritius

Ways to reach your audience (School Example)
• Invite the National Blood Donor Organizer who himself may delegate a Blood Bank Motivator
• Put up posters available from the BTS. You may also design your own posters. Distribute
pamphlets also available from the BTS.
• For Schools, you may arrange for art students to make special posters.
• For Schools, make presentations and invite the participation of PTA members.
• For Schools, you may write or contact newspapers for free announcements.
• For Schools, send flyers/pamphlets to parents
• For Schools, 2 to 3 days ahead remind 17-year old students to return signed parental consent form.
• Put a notice on the reader board outside your school.
• For other organizations, include the Union members/representatives place posters on notice board and in all units/departments. This may be delegated by each supervisors for example.

STEP FOUR: Sign-Up Donors
• Personal Contact
• Personal contact is the most effective way of persuading others to donate blood. To be an effective recruiter, familiarize yourself with blood donation. You may (with prior    
with the BTS ) make a site visit at the Blood Bank and learn about the  
   donation process.

•  Learn about the basics, the "psychology" about the apprehension of donors, what and how to respond to their fears or negative attitude. Keep in mind that the main reason people don't donate blood is because they haven't been asked !
•   Distribute information, meet people at the canteen, in the mess at Supermarkets.
•   For schools/Churches: remind students aged 17 year old to bring their parental consent form to the drive. Obtain a list of students names and birthdays from your school's registration office, if possible and bring it to the drive.
•   Call your Blood Donor Organiser, let him know about the progress.

STEP FIVE: Say Thank You

For all types of recognition message, use a general " Thank You" message.

Please remember that the recruitment target should always be higher than the estimated blood need for these reasons:

• Recruited donor or those who promised to give blood may not turn up on the day of blood collection.
•  Intending donor may be temporarily deferred on medical reasons at the time of actual blood donation.
•  Collected blood after testing may be discarded for containing blood communicable parasite/virus.


PARENT CONSENT FORM (For colleges blood donor 17 years old)

 BOOKING ORDER FORM (To make Reservation for a Blood Donation)